Victoria Sponge

Carrot cake

Red Velvet

Rich Chocolate



Chocolate salted caramel

Chocolate and chilli

Marshmallow, rocky road

Chocolate and wild orange

Chocolate and chestnut

Chocolate, passion fruit and raspberry


Italian hazelnut cream

Chocolate and peanut butter

Peppermint chocolate chip

Mocha spiced

Chocolate with almond and raspberry

Fruity and Floral

Raspberry and white chocolate

Strawberry and basil

Lemon and thyme

Lemon, lavender and honey

St Clements

Lemon, blueberry and coconut

Lemon, ginger cream

Lemon, lavender and earl grey

Carrot and orange curd

Banana, caramel and cinnamon

Banana and praline

Caramel, apple and brown sugar

Rose and pistachio

Pear and almond

Lemon and elderflower


Prosecco and strawberry

Banana and rum


Italian limoncello

Vanilla and Grand Marnier

Chocolate, whisky and ginger

Rose gin

Chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant

Tiramisu (Amaretto)

Black forest (Kirsch)